InnoEx is a small and simple GUI for InnoUnp to view and extract resources from Inno Setup installers.



  • Fast with big setups, with many files
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to view/dump registry and ini section
  • Pascal script disassembler (optional)
  • Ability to extract files according to chosen language (include/exclude/rename files)
  • Drag and drop (both ways)
  • Shell extension (optional)
  • No crapware included
  • Portable



Offline help/tips (created by Gerard)
InnoEx vs InnoExtractor (Performance)



If you have some suggestions or want additional functionality – feel free to post it.

I’m looking for someone who could help me improve English localization for this program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. I was thinking about this feature some time ago but because some problems I dropped this idea. Well, looks like I’ll just have to try again.

  1. {It would be only for viewing section or you want also ability to edit them?}

    Only for viewing, the pictures are only as example.
    To edit are there other tools.

    1. I forgot to ask you… There is a option to open script with associated program (CRTL+W). Have you tried that?

  2. When using the InnoEx reported the following error
    ;Version detected:5306
    Error(EoutOfMemory)”Out Of Memory”AT ADDRESS 00402680

    You can use?

    Thank you

    1. This usually means that installer is made with an unofficial/modified version of Inno Setup and is not supported by InnoUnp/InnoEx.
      Send me a link to that installer so I can check it out.

        1. I’m sorry my friend but I can’t help you with those two setups. It’s like I said before, they are made with unofficial/modified version of Inno Setup (not supported by InnoUnp). Keep in mind that InnoEx is only a GUI for InnoUnp (actual unpacker for Inno Setup installations).

          Try to ask on InnoUnp forum:

          Or check out Sandboxie (I’m using this program for setups that can’t be unpacked):

  3. Been meaning to say that for a long time: THANK YOU for writing and improving this little and very helpful GUI!! It’s way better than anything I’ve used before. Certainly superior to the above mentioned InnoExtractor (arrgh… still shudder at the thought of all tons of crap it was downloading and installing). And then came up this simple and ad-free little fella. So, again, thanks a bunch for your work!

  4. Hello

    Excellent GUI. Thank you for your diligence. One issue – maybe you are already aware of it- The sort of Date column is not working: ~’XXXX’ is not a valid Date/Time

    Thank you

    1. Strange, because it’s working fine here. Could you please provide me link to problematic file?
      OK, I know what causes this error (fixed in v0.6).
      Thanks for info.

      1. Hello – Apologies for the late response.

        When viewing the contents of an Inno packed .exe the columns (Path, Name, Size, Date), specifically the size show the individual file sizes as 4.19KB, 49KB, 1.05MB, etc.. In version 0.7 the sort order works correctly.

        The request is: Would it be possible to show a consistent size (in bytes) so that the above example would be 4.19KB ==> 4,290B, 49KB ==> 50,176B, 1.05MB ==> 133,325B (with or without commas.)

        Hope that make s more sense.

        Thanks again for all your extreme work, we all appreciate it, even if we may not say it as much.

  5. You should rename innounp.exe in something like ” innounp.dat” or “innounp.e32″ like InnoExtractor.
    I launched it by mistake at least four times.
    And keep InnoEx free from crap.

    1. OK, I will do something about it (maybe custom name in config file). In the next week should be available v0.7, as I’m nearly done.

    1. It is win 7 :). Don’t remember name of that theme and I’m not at home right now so you need to wait a couple of days.
      Name of that theme: glass onion for win7.

  6. Innounp.exe has now a very nice name ==>
    I’m a low level english writer so excuse my grammar.
    I liked that thick black bar , now I think is too thin but I’m ok with that.
    I checked InnoExtractor to see what are you taking about , is interesting if you don’t know where the setup is located,but the developer of InnoExtractor made some bad changes, took 2 minutes to launch it from my USB [32gb usb 2.0 max 10mb/s write,20mb/s read]
    plus it not responding very well, plus I needed to close it from Task Manager,plus the free version is now shit and Plus has fewer features than InnoEx.
    Make sure the changes don’t make InnoEx too slow when is launched from a slower USB drive.

    1. :), thanks for suggesting it. As for progress bar, I will make it higher on next release (it may indeed be too small). Meanwhile, I have made quick fix for you. Grab this, then start it and close, inside config file look for ‘MainGaugeHeight=9′ and change it to whatever you like.

      I made some tests on a very slow USB drive and except extracting files to that drive, there is only slightly lower response than on my HDD. I will keep your advice in mind.

    1. Yes, there will be translation for InnoEx but not in current state (without unicode support). I’m afraid it will not happen earlier than january of next year (as it requires much of time and money). I have plenty of things on my head and very limited time to work on InnoEx. Sorry for bad news.

    1. Thanks for helping me. Here is your request. Download, then navigate to Options > ListView > Units and pick your choice. Tell me if something is not as you wanted. BTW, size column is always sorted as bytes (not by actual data on that column).

    1. It is not possible to add those checkboxes without some heavy changes in source code, so atm, I made something simpler for you. Grab this. There is a new position in ListView popupmenu called ‘Selection mode’ (temp name), click it and you will be able to select items without pressing control or shift. You can slide through items to select them faster or click one by one. Let me know what you think about this.

    1. Glad you like it :).

      I missed one thing, as I was not sure about it. Value of this option is not saved in config file, so you need to activate it every time program starts. If you want, I will change it to save and restore.

  7. Thanks!!! Yes I saw it but I was embarrassed to tell you about it. You just made a personalized version for me! That’s something!
    That change would be welcomed ,but I dont want to waste your time, two personalized versions just for me is too much, even for the gifts month .
    I’ll wait with excitement the next big release.
    Thanks again.

    1. Nah, no problem at all. I’m really happy for any requests or feedback (this is the main reason why I put up this site), so no need to be embarrassed. Here is a small update and thank you, too :).

  8. Useful changes.
    Many thanks to Powerex for the idea and to Cranq for making it possible.
    About the Windows skin ,did you have any problems with it, I have in mind to install it but I don’t want troubles, last time when I tried to install a skin pack window explorer didn’t start. My lucky was I backuped the two dll files changed by the skin patcher and I was able to restore them using a live-cd. This is why I started to use backup applications, before that I never used them.
    If you want to use some nice icons for future projects and you don’t have time to create them personally, I think you can find some of them here you can download and use them from free if you like them.Square Black Edition are my favorites but there are many others colors and shapes.

    1. To make it work you need to use ‘UXTheme Multi-Patcher’ or ‘UXStylePatcher’ – for unsigned themes support. First one will modify system files, where second will run as system service and patch only memory. I’m using first method and everything works fine, never had problems with that, but… I don’t use any Skin Pack or other Total Conversion as they mess too much (for me) with the system – only themes. Now, some themes will also contain other files (like sounds or wallpapers), among them are 2 worth of mentioning: ‘ExplorerFrame.dll’ (explorer icons) and ‘shell32.dll’ (various system icons). If you want to replace them, you need to be sure that they are same as files in your system. This is important because if you mess files version then it will bring you troubles like the one you described. You can always work with files from your system and change resources manually in e.g. ‘Resource Hacker’ (this is actually the way I’m doing it). You can check deviantart for themes.

      Thanks for icons.

      1. Oh yeah!
        Man, last time I was such an idiot, I didn’t know I can Install only the theme, I tried to install that skin pack and I messed up everything.
        Now after I read what you wrote was so easy!
        Took my only 5 minutes to search, read instructions, download what I need, read the instructions found inside the archives, patch, restart, install the themes after the restart.
        Two simple themes [for testing] but this is just the beginning.
        You helped me again. Thank you so much for your help !

    1. I knew I forgot something… guess it’s too late for Christmas wishes… Anyway, thank you and have a good New Year!

  9. Innounp 0.41-Inno Setup Unpacker

    What’s new / History
    0.41 (2015.03.18)
    -All slashes in file paths are converted to Windows style for consistency.
    -Improved some error messages.
    -Fixed several parameter names in [INI] section of the script.

  10. Inno Setup Unpacker v0.42
    What’s new:
    0.42 (2015.05.27)
    Added support for IS 1.3.21 and 1.3.25.
    Experimental support for some custom IS versions.
    Fixed encoding of several entries in reconstructed script.

  11. Awesome app, thanks for your work

    Inno Setup Unpacker v0.43 to 0.46

    What’s new:

    0.43 (2015.07.18)
    Added support for IS 5.5.6.

    0.44 (2015.11.24)
    Fixed infinite loop issue on some unsupported versions.
    Now -m flag does not affect reconstructed script content. It always contains all info.
    Minor changes.

    0.45 (2015.12.31)
    Added support for IS 5.5.7.

    0.46 (2016.04.11)
    Increased max. LZMA dictionary size to 1Gb (implemented in IS 5.5.9).

    1. Thanks. It’s nice to see that people like this program.

      There is no new release with last InnoUnp, but you can get v0.9.2 and moded InnoUnp v0.46 from updates posted on main page.

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