Performance tests

Those files will help you compare InnoEx performance with other GUI’s for InnoUnp:

  1. Lazarus (~21k files inside)
  2. K-Lite Codec Pack (full preferable, almost 1MB of compiled Pascal script)
  3. Two installers with encrypted files (1k and 10k), which are available here

First test – processing/loading installers containing many files
Second test – disassembling Pascal script/code section
Third test – detecting encrypted files


InnoEx InnoExtractor
Test #1 ~6 sec ~57 sec
Test #2 ~1 sec ~115 sec*
Test #3 ~1 sec for 1k and ~1 sec for 10k ~74 sec for 1k and ~4395 sec for 10k

*Partially fixed in InnoExtractor v5.2.0.184 (for some scripts it is still slow).